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Week 6 - Maurice Thornton

For the 6th week of "7 QUESTION SUNDAY" we shine the spotlight on Entrepreneur, Motivator and Facilitator, the brain behind ELEVATED CUSTOMS LLC, Maurice Thornton.

4EVRGRN: Hey Reese, tell us a little about yourself.

MT: I was born in GA, spent my first few years of life in Germany and raised in Tacoma. I have been involved in the Seattle/Tacoma Music and car scenes for many years. I founded the lifestyle brand "Elevated Customs". We are all about Elevating our lives in every aspect, as we say "health is wealth". Check us out when you have a chance.

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Here is how Reese answered our 7 questions...

1. Best PNW childhood memory? Being able to go out and explore the different sides of nature without having to travel for hours. We had dope trails right around the corner for the house when I was growing up.

2. Favorite PNW season? Summer for sure!! Everybody is out and about smiling, being active and enjoying all of the PNW's splendor.

3. Wildest PNW experience? Going camping for the 1st in my early 20s and jumping off a 50ft cliff into a lake (something, i'd probably never do again, but I was young and open to trying new things).

4. Best misconception you’ve heard about the PNW? It rains ALL THE TIME. Not true! It can rain a lot, most definitely, but that's what helps keep this area so green, so clean and oh so Fresh. And when it does rain companies like NetFlix are extremely thankful.

5. One thing you want the world to know about the PNW? The PNW is a melting pot of beautiful people who think outside of the box, but know how to function within one when necessary. It's one of the only place in the world where you can find a Rain Forest, The Ocean, Huge Mountain Ranges, and the desert all within a few hours of each other. It's one of the greatest places on earth.

6. Favorite random PNW fact? Because I love ice cream so much... The world's first soft-serve ice cream machine was located in an Olympia Dairy Queen.

7. One thing every PNWer does that you refuse to do? Put on flip flops and shorts as soon as the sun comes out for half a second.


Be on the lookout for Reese and the Elevated Customs team. They are doing big things and we can't wait to see all their success.