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Week 3 - 3/24/2019 - "7 Question Sunday" - Quincy Henry

For the 3rd week of "7 QUESTION SUNDAY" we shine the spotlight on Musician, Artist, Entrepreneur, Father and Husband, Quincy "Q Dot" Henry 

4EVRGRN: Hey Q, tell us a little about yourself.

Q Dot: I’m Quincy aka Q Dot, a musician, entrepreneur and community advocate from the Tacoma/Federal Way area. I’ve always had an affinity for the outdoors and through my travels as a touring musician believe wholeheartedly there’s no place quite like the PNW. There’s not many places in the world where you can be waking up in the mountains to hit the slopes and be next to a beautiful body of water for some aqua sports and have some good locally roasted coffee, a soundtrack from local artists and a campfire. 

Here is how Quincy answered our 7 questions...

1. Where’s your favorite escape in the PNW? I don’t know if it’s my “favorite” but it is definitely a spot I think people need to know about and that’s Anderson Island just a short ferry ride from Steilacoom. The island is beautiful it has two lakes, a campground and views of both mountain ranges. The people are super friendly and it’s only a hop skip away. Other than that, any of the state campgrounds. I haven’t been to all of em, not even most of em but one thing is consistent - the campgrounds in this state no matter if it’s on the east side of the state, or the west, you can get a real escape from all the madness.

2. Best meal in the PNW? This is a tough one because it really depends on which meal and what the occasion is. Usually the best meal is being made on our grill and smoker in the summer time *humble brag* or in our kitchen but if it’s eating out for soul food, my choice is Southern Kitchen or Pacific Southern, both in Tacoma. If it’s Seafood you can’t go wrong with the crab pot in seattle. A really good breakfast is Marcia’s Silver Spoon in tacoma and Blueberry Hills Farm in Manson just outside of Chelan.

3. What’s the one thing anyone who visits must see or do? It’s more than one. After the typical touristy Seattle stuff (which ya gotta do Space Needle, MoPop, Pike Place, etc etc) ya gotta go lose yourself in the towns and experiences that make the Northwest - especially Washington State - really what it is. Take a walking tour of Downtown Tacoma and catch all the sketchy history surrounding that city, go visit the Central District in Seattle while the remnants of its past still somewhat remain, hop on the ferry and head to the San Juan Islands or to Victoria BC, if it’s October ya gotta head to Leavenworth for Oktoberfest, head to Cape Disappointment in the Summertime for some amazing ocean views. Lesser known but equally amazing Northwest experiences are gonna be grabbing a cabin up near Mt Rainier in Ashford or Packwood and hitting the mountain visitor center. The Goldmyer Hot sprints up near Alpine Lakes Wilderness in the cascades is amazing. Sol duc hot springs in the Olympics as well. And you can’t count out heading to wine country in the south east side of the state. Lastly, go catch a show. We have some amazing live music venues in the Puget Sound area and amazing musicians to catch.

4. Favorite PNW activity? Camping for sure. Followed very closely by boating and hiking which in the Northwest you can typically do all three at once.

5. Best local product? Aw man so many to choose from. Apples? Anything Microsoft? Anything Nintendo? Boeing has some amazing planes lol, Amazon Prime? Oakley sunglasses? K2 snowboards? Costco isn’t a product but man is it clutch when you have a family. Starbucks coffee isn't quite the best product but they have a mean cake pop selection lol I mean things made in the PNW are usually amazing. If it’s made in the PNW I’m wit it.

6. Wildest PNW experience? Oh wow. So many to choose from...I gotta say camping at Lake Cle elum which isn’t really a campground. We were roughing it with some friends during the wildfires that burned up thousands of acres in central Washington a few years ago and because the lake is actually a water reservoir it was used to fight the fires. The fires were so crazy that by the time we got there the entire lake was bare so we got to run around the lake-bed. The picture I used for the cover of Adventures Dreamers and Overachievers was taken during that trip on my iPhone.

7. Best misconception you’ve heard about the PNW? Other than the one about it rains too much here even though Hawaii, Georgia and I believe a few other southern states actually get more rain than we do?? The best misconception about the PNW is that we’re all techie-granola-eating-hippies who are overly liberal and overly caffeinated in our Patagonia jackets. This is actually a really diverse state in terms of not only political or ideological preferences but also ethnicities, cultures and traditions. While yes the Seattle area is pretty liberal, over the mountains is prominently more conservative. There are strong refugee communities here, strong African communities, strong islander communities, strong Eastern European communities and yes there are plenty of black people. When I graduated high school I believe there were 40 or so countries represented in my high school in Federal way.

We are extremely grateful to Quincy for being the feature of the week "7 Question Sunday"! Everyone look out for him! You may see some 4EVRGRN Gear on him during his performances or just out in public!