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Week 5 - Steven Severin

For our 5th week of "7 QUESTION SUNDAY" we shine the spotlight on Seattle Entrepreneur Steven Severin.

4EVRGRN: Hey Steven, tell us a little about yourself.

SS: I wear and have worn a lot of hats over the many years. I like to call myself the Laziest Hustler (which I co-opted from the great Ricky Powell, which he was cool with). Gotta get the co-sign. I’ve booked or done shows in every single room in Seattle starting at RKCNDY going back about 20 years now. Somewhere down the road 10 years ago Seattle Mag named me the most powerful person in the nightlife industry, whatever that means. Ha ha. Funny how 10 years later nobody there knows who I am. I’m currently one of the Co-Owners of Neumos, Barboza, and The Runaway. I’ve had my show promotions company Wake Up since 03 I think?

The current focus right now is opening a new Vinyl centric bar called Life On Mars. It’s in the old War Room/95 Slide spot and will be what we hope to be a cool comfortable bar. Tasty drinks, lots of sunlight when it’s out, fresh air from all of the windows being able to open, and nothing but the best cuts. My buddy & partner John Richards of KEXP and I will be providing all of the records that customers can choose from and playlists we create. Considering our backgrounds and passions music, is a key piece of the bar. We’ll be opening up towards the end of May.


Here is how Steven answered our 7 questions...

1. What makes the PNW unique? The PNW is run by young people. Has been for at least the last 30 years and believe it’ll continue for much longer. It’s so much about people opening up small indie spots and knowing where your $ goes too. We’re not a city of box stores, large corporate retail, and as long as we stay active it’ll continue that way. It is NOT that way in the vast majority of the country. Support your small indie biz when you can.

 2. Where’s your favorite escape in the PNW? I love going to Seward, sitting in my lounge chair, reading a book, and staring at the Mountain. It’s probably my favorite view of Rainer in Seattle. On a clear day it is massive and looks massive. Lots of folks BBQ’ing, floating in the water, walking around the loop. It’s where I got when I need to chill and stare at the big screen.

 3. Best meal in the PNW? When Kingfish Cafe had their spare ribs during different times of the year couldn’t be beat. Korean spot Joule’s Rice Cake with Chorizo is def. one of my faves. I’ll never say no to going there. I will say if I can eat anywhere and I don’t have to wait or get reservations I’m going to go with Matt’s in the Market Scallops. I don’t think I’ve ever eaten there when the food wasn’t cooked perfectly. Good reason they’re always cracking.

 4. What’s the one thing anyone who visits must see or do? Get to our mountains and or water. There’s so many people that come visit and head to Pike Place market and it’s def. cool down there. I mean I go do that shit as a tourist in my own town, but we’re surrounded by by lakes, the sound, Cascades, Olympics, beaches, spots to swim, go to the snow, etc. It takes no time to get out of the city to get to these spots too. Def. forgotten gems for people outside Seattle. 

 5. What do you miss most when you’re outside the PNW? Depends where I go, but that feeling of just being home. Rolling around and seeing some dude with neck tattoos in a button down. A middle age woman waring a crisp pair of purple dunks. Seattle has a style that we don’t apologize for. We rock what we want and don’t care what we’re supposed to wear. It’s much more homogenous in other cities. When you get back home and look at all the young people cruising around it just feels right to me. 

 6. Favorite PNW activity? Times are different for me now so my favorite things to do now are mellower than they used too. I love to go out and eat good food with a handful of friends and just share some laughs and life with each other. I like walking around the city in various neighborhoods, but particularly Capitol Hill with headphones on just people watching. Checking out what’s going on with folks and what they’re doing and how they’re living. Probably my favorite thing still is and always will be throwing an event and seeing a packed house filled with people having a blast and know that I played a role in making that happen. That’s always special to me.

 7. Best local product? Man that’s a tough one because I’m not really a stuff guy outside of my sneakers and socks that I buy. This is gonna sound kind of cheesy but honestly it’s whatever people are making here that people want that not only makes the people buying it happy, but the ones the create it. 

My focus is on happiness for all. However, that happens is good with me.