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Week 106 - Grayseas Pie

For the 106th week of "7 QUESTION SUNDAY" we shine the spotlight on another influential individual from the PNW.Gracie Santos is the owner and baker of grayseas pies, a popular pop up bakery.

4EVRGRN: Hey, GS! Tell us a little about yourselves.

GS: my name is gracie santos and i am the owner/baker of grayseas pies. I like to make pies and come up with flavors that people don’t see very often! I try to give people a taste of home and I make each pie with tender loving care. 

I typically have pop ups once a week, I pop up at different coffee shops and restaurants around the city and I would love to meet you!

  1. Favorite pie to make?

GS: I have my top 3 pies that I like to make: the alex pie (strawberries & cream in an oreo crust), the blueberry goat cheese basil pie, and the newest favorite: the elote pie.

  1. What is a unique trait of PNW foodies? 

GS: A unique trait of PNW foodies is that they have very high standards for seafood. as do i, because i LOVE seafood. (I'm from maryland.)

  1. What is your most popular pie? 

GS: Honestly, I think it’s the Elvis Presley pie. It has vanilla custard, bananas, peanut butter whipped cream, topped with crispy bacon bits. It was the first recipe that I created all on my own. but the girl scout cookie-inspired pie series was pretty popular, too, which were all original recipes.

  1. Best dessert in the PNW? 

GS: I think the best dessert in the PNW comes from all the pop up bakeries that have become popular during the pandemic: baked goods, coping cookies, and sweet nothings are among my favorites.

  1. Favorite local product?

GS: My favorite local product is ube from a sari-sari store in puyallup. It is the only place I can find the tuber; most other places have purple yam, but I make sure to use the ube tuber in my ube macapuno pies.

  1. What is something you see other people in the PNW doing that you refuse to do?

GS: Wearing Carhartt! I know it’s good quality, but it just doesn’t get cold enough in Seattle to wear it.

  1. You’re very open about mental health on your socials, why is that so important for you to incorporate?

GS: Having somewhat of a bigger platform with grayseas pies, I want to help destigmatize mental health. I have always been afraid to talk about it and I'm sure other people are afraid, too. Hopefully, with me broaching some uncomfortable subjects, more people will feel inspired to share their story as well or at the very least, feel like they are not alone. I don't think we should hide who we are even though it’s “taboo” to talk about it at times. 

The whole reason I started baking was to maintain and strengthen personal connections during lockdown. sharing my personal experiences with mental health is my way of personally connecting with people after the lockdown through grayseas pies. 

You can follow Gracie on IG: @grayseas.pies or check the website: www.grayseaspies.com to see pop ups coming up in the greater Seattle area.