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Week 107 - Grate Boards

For the 107th week of "7 QUESTION SUNDAY" we shine the spotlight on another influential individual from the PNW. Dimitria Hare-Michael is the owner of Grate Boards creating one of a kind charcuterie boards for all your special events.

4EVRGRN: Hey, DHM! Tell us a little about yourselves.

DHM: I am a Seattle native who has always had a passion for all things cheese and entertaining. My love for cheese all started when I was a young girl. Most kids growing up had the “blue box” mac n cheese, but my mom never let me have that. Her mac n cheese recipe consisted of sharp white cheddar, gruyere and most importantly Hatch green chiles. I apparently was not your average kid, during the holidays, most kids lick the cookie dough batter off the spoon, but instead I would lick the cheese off the spoon when my mom made her famous cheese balls. Being the daughter of a professional chef and the ultimate hostess I grew up around food and entertaining, it is something that is in my blood.

What better way to combine my love of entertaining and my love for cheese than by sharing my boards with the world! And so Grate Boards was born!

  1. Best meal in the PNW?

DHM: Recently I went to the Field to Table experience and had a meal from Max Petty from the restaurant Eden Hill and it was one of the best meals I have ever eaten.

  1. What is the most unique request for a board you’ve had?

DHM: I had a family friend request a board for her friend who had recently lost their big toe and as a joke to celebrate his birthday I made a cheese board in the shape of a foot without a big toe LOL. It was absolutely hilarious and was a hit at the party!

  1. Favorite place to escape in the PNW?

DHM: Ross Lake Resort in the North Cascades. My grandfather helped build Ross Dam in the 1950s and my family has been going there ever since. We go every fall, we hike, fish, play a lot of board games and of course eat and drink a lot! It's the best place to disconnect from the real world and really bond with your family. You have to pack everything in, the resort and cabins have the basics, but all food, drinks, etc has to be packed in, it's a lot of work but truly the best place in the PNW in my opinion.

  1. We’ve seen some impressive ones, what’s the largest board you’ve ever put together?

DHM: I did a 12"x 5" grazing table for a corporate group two years ago.

  1. Favorite local product?

DHM: That's a tough one, so many great products, but I think my favorite is marionberry habanero jelly from Kelly's Jelly, they are based in Lake Oswego, OR.

  1. What are two board “must haves” you swear by?

DHM: Taste wise, you have to have some kind of brie or triple creme, I am a sucker for soft cheeses and a spicy jam. Aesthetically you need garnish such as rosemary. mint, sage, etc and lots of color, usually from a variety of fruit like berries, grapes, figs, etc.

  1. Wildest board experience?

DHM: I had to make two 6 ft grazing tables in 1 hour (luckily I had some help that time!)

Check out more of Dimitria’s work on IG: @grateboards or her website: www.grateboards.com