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Week 108 - Joanie Nacke

For the 108th week of "7 QUESTION SUNDAY" we shine the spotlight on another influential individual from the PNW. Joanie Nacke is a competing bodybuilder and
ACE CPT & CNS certified in Training, Nutrition, and Coaching.

4EVRGRN: Hey, JN! Tell us a little about yourselves.

JN: After a successful career in government affairs, politics, and lobbying spanning more than 16 years, I have taken a leap of faith to follow my dream and passion in health and fitness. I am an ACE certified personal trainer, coach, model, mentor, and public speaker. Sharing my story has transformed my life and ignited my sincere desire to help others reach their goals. I enjoy partnering with companies and people who are equally inspired to make a difference.

  1. What makes the PNW bodybuilding scene unique?

JN: How seemingly big it is when you start, but when you stick with the sport for a while you realize what a small and close knit family it really is. From the judges, to the promoters, to coaches, this sport and these people have been there for me through some really difficult times and they genuinely want to see you do well.

  1. What is one piece of advice you'd give someone looking to hire a trainer?

JN: Check credentials, references, reviews, and interview the trainer. Trainers are not all created equal. Some specialize in certain areas that may not be what you're looking for. We also all have different training styles with clients. Make sure they have a legitimate certification, check what other people have to say about them, interview them, and maybe try out a session or two or four before purchasing a bigger package.

  1. What's your favorite part of training?

JN: Seeing the difference it makes in people's lives. It doesn't matter if it's increased confidence or increased strength or mobility or changes to their physique or mood or all the above. Just the impact it can have on someone and that I get to be a part of that is the coolest thing to me.

  1. The PNW has so many awesome activities to get a workout outdoors. What's your favorite?

JN: OH this is a tough one. Hiking for sure, and I thoroughly enjoy that but sadly don't have a lot of time to put towards it. I think my all time favorite is kayaking. It's such a great upper body workout and being on the water brings me peace.

  1. Favorite local PNW product?

JN:That's like asking a mother who's their favorite child! I was born on the eastern side of the state so I love all the fresh fruits and vegetables and potatoes (better than Idaho, sorry, not sorry), I love Washington wines, I love local candies from all over, I love coffee, I think I have to give a shout out to my two favorite cookie companies of all time Pacific Northwest Cookie Co AND PDX Cookie Co. 

  1. Wildest PNW show experience?

JN: As in bodybuilding show? Well, for me personally that would have been the 2018 Vancouver USA Open. In one of the classes I competed in, I lost my number, and when I got to the front of the stage the head judge pointed at my hip to make me aware that it fell off. My eyes got as big as saucers and I legitimately high knee ran (all awkward) to the back of the stage like a goober to pick it up. I fastened it to my bikini connector and got back in line. Not only did I end up placing first in that class, but I made true connections with the head judge, coaches in the audience, and some of the athletes... I guess it showed I'm human LOL.

  1. Favorite post show meal in the PNW?

JN: Be ready for this - after guzzling my Gatorade Zero either Treveri Cellars brut bubbly or a tall local IPA, a thick local burger (depends on where my show is for the restaurant), and either a cookie (either PNW Cookie Co or PDX Cookie Co). Usually, the next morning I am sincerely craving fresh berries, coffee, yogurt, and granola. 

To learn more about Joanie or contact her for training visit her on IG @evolvestronger