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Week 117 - PNW Custom Cuffs

For the 117th week of "7 QUESTION SUNDAY" we shine the spotlight on another influential individual from the PNW. PNW Custom Cuffs creates beautiful PNW inspired handmade items.

4EVRGRN: Hey, PCC! Tell us a little about yourselves.

PCC: PNW Custom Cuffs was created by Gig Harbor maker, Jobeth Cortese. Each artisan item is uniquely hammered, stamped, bent, polished, assembled by hand. PNW custom cuffs started after Jobeth wanted to make more size inclusive items for herself that were inspired by her style and the Pacific Northwest. PNW Custom Cuffs is a Veteran family owned business where each item is made with care.

  1. How is the PNW represented in your brand?

PCC: My first item that I was proud of and posted on my social media was a cuff with mountains, trees, a WA state outline, and PNW with a compass. That item became my first order and my business really started there. My items are inspired by the beauty of the PNW whether it’s nautical items or mountain scenery or flowers… 

  1. What images represent the PNW to you?

PCC: MT Rainer, the ocean, trees, flowers, the moon, and Sasquatch! 

  1. What’s a unique trait of PNW craft shoppers?

PCC: PNW craft shoppers are looking for a custom piece, something unique, something no one else is maker … but overall these shoppers want to hear your story, how it’s made and why… my customers want to support a small business where they truly know the hard work put into each item. 

  1. Favorite product to create?

PCC: Cuffs are my favorite, these bracelets can encompass so much in such a small item, whether it’s a mantra, something pretty, or a sassy saying, my zero fucks given bracelet has been my best seller for a while now

  1. How are the PNW markets and festivals you sell at unique?

PCC: They events I’m selling at are filled with local makers, people like me who are making their items either full time or on the side, each person is so talented and passionate about their work 

  1. Favorite place to escape in the PNW?

PCC: Pacific Beach, Poulsbo, Cannon Beach, Long Beach 

  1. Best meal in the PNW?

PCC: Mexican - Puerto Vallarta, Gig Harbor

Burgers- Blazing Onion

Breakfast - Net shed #9 

Find PNW Custom Cuffs online at Instagram: @pnwcustomcuffs or Facebook: PNW Custom Cuffs