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Week 12 - Anders Ibsen


For the 12th week of "7 QUESTION SUNDAY" we shine the spotlight on Anders Ibsen. City Counsel Person, Real estate agent and Tacoma native

4EVRGRN: Hey Anders, tell us a little about yourself.

AI:  I am from Tacoma, WA. Lifelong resident, born at Tacoma General. I am a licensed realtor, and a member of the Tacoma City Council.


  1. Best PNW childhood memory? Fishing with my grandfather at the piers on the Ruston Way waterfront. I love how we've rallied together as a community to reclaim these beautiful spaces from industrial contamination into something families can enjoy across the generations.  
  1. Favorite PNW season? Definitely autumn. Besides the colors and food, there's just something really authentic about a Northwest fall. 
  1. Wildest PNW experience?. When we had that record-breaking snowstorm last February, a random group of a couple hundred people met at Wright Park in Tacoma and had the most epic snowball fight imaginable. It was all good-natured, no one got hurt, and my wife and brother and I just walked to Hanks and had IPAs and burgers afterwards. That ruled. 
  1. Biggest misconception you’ve heard about the PNW? That it always rains! Did you know that no city in the Pacific Northwest enters the "rainiest cities in the US" category until spot #24 (Olympia)? Our weather is pretty moderate. 
  1. One thing you want the world to know about the PNW? There's really something for everyone here. Want a metropolitan downtown experience with arts, culture, and variety? We got you covered. Want to live off the grid in the woods? Can do. There's water, mountains, woods - even a rainforest! - and everything you could ever want, within a very close proximity to us. 
  1. Favorite random PNW fact? Tacoma Public Schools' graduation rate is 5% higher than the national average! (89.5%) 
  1. One thing every PNWer does that you refuse to do? Grow a beard. That ish itches.

We wish Anders the very best in all his endeavors and if you’re looking for a home go to his website andersibsenhomes.com .