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Week 125 - Renate Rain

For the 125th week of "7 QUESTION SUNDAY" we shine the spotlight on another influential individual from the PNW. Renate Rain is the founder of Puget Sound Plungers a group that meets up to take a cold dip in the Puget Sound.

4EVRGRN: Hey, RR! Tell us a little about yourselves.

RR: My name is Renate Rain, and I am a 53-year-old mother and grandmother who has been on a better-health journey for about 7 years now. I tend to research things and go "all in" once I am convinced, they are beneficial and then share what I learn.  Most recently I discovered cold plunging and the benefits of deliberate cold exposure.  I also have a heart for service and love to help people. I started sharing what I was learning and inviting others to join me in cold plunging and so Puget Sound Plungers was born.  

What is the benefit of cold water?

RR: The benefits of cold water are many! Immune system support, pain relief, better mood, improved energy, lower inflammation, reduced heart rate, higher mental focus and emotional regulation are the start!  Cold water is incredible for a healthy mind and body.  

Where do you plunge?

RR: I plunge in the Puget Sound and in a 100-gallon stock tank in my backyard.  It can also be done in the cold bath and cold showers can achieve similar results.

How has this community grown?

RR: Right before Halloween I started the Instagram page and we have grown to over 400 followers.  More than 55 people have actually come to Sunnyside Beach in Steilacoom and taken a plunge with us!  Most of them for the first time.  Most were nervous or afraid and all were able to get into the water and have a positive experience!  

What should one bring to a plunge?

RR: Wear a swimsuit and warm, loose layers.  Water shoes or even flips flops, walking into the water barefoot isn't advised.  Bring a towel.  I also recommend wearing a beanie and bringing thick socks and easy to slide on warm boots (or similar) for after.  Once out of the water your fingers may not work the way you are used to and getting the wet swimsuit off and your warm layers on is the priority!  A warm drink is nice, as well.

What should people know before their first plunge?

RR: Before their first plunge I like to let people know that every single person was nervous or scared when they came!  Most would not have done it without someone to go with.  I am happy to be that person!  And I like to meet at least 10 minutes early to discuss what to expect - what their body will do, and how to best handle it- and to answer any questions they may have.  Our group is full of supportive people who will share their experiences and cheer the new people on.  

Best meal in the PNW? 

RR: It has been so long since I have really eaten out!  In my experience there isn't much better than a home cooked meal!  My partner and I buy local grass fed and finished beef and he cooks for my pretty specific food plan, so I am quite spoiled, I know. But the best meals I've had are the ones cooked by my love and eaten around our table with our people.  

Favorite local product? 

RR: I recently discovered a new local company, Kriva, and am blown away!  Daily wellness products, using the finest botanical ingredients with a focus on sustainable and planet-friendly operations. 

Follow Renate Rain on FB, @reallyrenate on IG and the Puget Sound Plungers on both IG and FB. You can also email Renate for more information or with questions at renaterain@gmail.com Happy Plunging!