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Week 131 - ComfortaBULL Dog Care

For the 131st week of "7 QUESTION SUNDAY" we shine the spotlight on another influential individual from the PNW. Janet Dillon is the owner of ComfortaBULL, a specialty Bulldog boarding and sitting service.

JD: As a child I would walk the dogs in my neighborhood, for free, because I enjoyed spending time with dogs! As an adult with a Bachelor’s degree from @seattleu with a minor in Business Administration and a Frenchie-sized hole in my heart I pondered if I could turn my passion and knowledge of bulldogs into a business. Until I began bullysitting I never fully understood what was meant by “do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life”. We have been open for almost a year and ComfortaBULL Dog Care has been more enjoyable than I could have ever dreamt! 

ComfortaBULL is a passion project, but my day job is focused on improving justice and social services for my tribal community. I have a Master’s Degree in Public Administration and was working on a second one in Communication and Leadership at Gonzaga when COVID hit. As a #girlmom of 3 I put that on pause when my kids were required to stay home from school in early 2020. Now that I started a business, I’m re-evaluating what degree would be best for me when it’s time to return. One of my favorite sights in the world is a dog with their nose out the window on a drive: THAT is pure joy! We listen to a lot of @Spotify in this house!!! I prefer nature and music to TV or movies.

  1. What's unique about bulldog culture in the PNW?

JD: Bulldogs have short hair and squished faces, so they are extremely sensitive to (extreme) weather. In the PNW we are more inclined to get outside regardless of the forecast and bulldog owners here do an excellent job taking safety precautions to ensure their dogs can participate in outdoor activities. I love seeing the level of effort PNW bulldog parents go to enjoy the outdoors with their dog: winter coats, booties, waterproof accessories, etc.

  1. Best tip to keep the house clean while keeping your bulldog safe?

JD: Keep a small vacuum in the kitchen so that you can quickly clean up spills and avoid your bulldog consuming human food items they shouldn’t be eating. 

My favorite bulldog tip has nothing to do with safety but does keep your house a lot cleaner! We use a “Neater Feeder” elevated bowl which has a drain for liquid. It is placed on top of a plastic tray, which is placed on top of a water absorbing rug. This does a PHENOMENAL job of protecting your floor from water that is retained in your bulldogs jowls when they finish drinking water! 

  1. What is a common mistake people make when training bulldogs?

JD: Forgetting to revisit training as needed. Training isn’t just for puppies! Bulldogs are notoriously stubborn, but it doesn’t have to be a challenge you address alone. Refresher training for your adolescent or adult bulldog is a great way to refine their skills and reenforce their best behaviors, but it’s also important to address problem behaviors before they get out of control. Don’t wait if you have a concern!

  1. Why is it important to hire someone who specializes in your dog's breed?

JD: Bulldogs have very unique health concerns that need to be understood. Simple errors can disrupt a carefully managed allergy or result in lifelong injuries (not to mention an expensive trip to the vet). Plus, if you can find someone who knows and appreciates your dogs breed - why not take advantage of that? They are such special animals that it’s important to use every tool in your toolbox to ensure they live a long, healthy life!

  1. What should owners know before hiring you?

JD: Your bulldog will be staying in our family home and while they are with us we will treat your bulldog like family! We only offer private and small group boarding so we can develop a relationship with each bulldog so they feel comfortable coming back. We also communicate directly with pet parents by sending photo updates by text, sharing cute photos of your pet on social media, and following ALL care instructions you provide. We use a thorough form to understand your bulldogs unique needs and have it posted in our “bulldog den” (converted formal dining room) so we never miss an instruction or preference. As a home-based business we are here to take care of your bulldog and learn their unique personality!

  1. Favorite place to let dogs explore the PNW? 

JD: My favorite place to take my dogs, when they were alive, was out at the ocean in more remote locations without many other people around. I felt like that was when they could be most free! However, as a dog boarding business owner my favorite place is our fully fenced back yard. The dogs are safe from encountering unknown animals and can play freely. 

  1. Favorite local dog product? 

JD: I love the collars and leashes by Pupups, located in North Seattle. Their products are waterproof, extremely durable, compatible with the Fi sensor, and come in cute designs! The other thing I love is the business is local and woman-owned!! We have seen their products hold up to active (messy) puppies and outdoor conditions. It’s definitely worth checking out their social media!

You can follow all the fun on Instagram @comfortabull and Facebook ComfortaBULL Dog Care with more information on their Website: www.comfortabulldogcare.com