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Week 132 - Pico Rico

For the 132nd week of "7 QUESTION SUNDAY" we shine the spotlight on another influential individual from the PNW. Pico Rico is a specialty foods company with a flavorful and unique way. to enjoy your favorite candies, dried fruit, seeds and nuts, coated in our own chili pepper and sauce blend.

4EVRGRN: Hey, PR! Tell us a little about yourselves.

PR: Some of our most favorite childhood memories were visiting our family that lived down the street from El Centavos.  A small, family business that made fresh pandulce and had all the best Mexican candies and snacks.  My brothers and I would buy what we could with the few dollars we had between us.  Walking down the street to that store made us feel so big, but going back after our shopping spree and enjoying our haul was the best part.  That is when our obsession began.  The sweet and spicy combination was all it took and why Pico Rico evolved into a small, family business of our own.  We love sharing and introducing what we grew up enjoying, throughout parts of Eastern Washington, Western Washington and beyond with our online store! 

1.    How has the PNW embraced sweet and spicy candy (dulces)?

PR: It is something that has grown.  We started back in late 2019 and although dulce enchilados (spicy candies) have been around a long time, we feel that we in some way inspired a trend with this version, which is a huge compliment.  Also introducing this to many people through our farmers markets has been something that has helped with a percentage of customers embracing or even knowing that these types of treats/snacks exist.

2.    What would you recommend someone new to your products try first?

PR: Skittles, gushers, peach rings if you like candy.  Mango if you prefer dried fruit.  Corn nuts if you want something savory with a kick!

3.    Most popular item?

PR: Gushers!  It’s been a huge trend with our younger Pico Rico lovers especially.

4.    What makes this type of candy and fruit so special?

PR: In our opinion sweet and spicy compliment each other well and when you throw flavors like watermelon and/or mango into that mix you have something that is mouthwatering and delicious.

5.    What should people know before ordering?

PR: Pico Rico is different in the way that we have created a sauce that is made from more whole ingredients.  Our sauce, also known as Chamoy is a popular Mexican condiment.  We  use our sauce to coat candy and dried fruit, and our chili seasoning for nuts and seeds.  We also have added Ceviche to our Spring and Summer menu, along with fresh fruit which is delicious dipped in our Chamoy! 

Although we throw the word spicy around, our treats and snacks are mildly spiced.  However, we can accommodate the spiciest of pallets!

6.    Best meal in the PNW?

PR: Many to choose from, but currently we are obsessed with Taco Street’s chorizo burritos and their carnita tacos are always so flavorful!  We also love Los Hernandez Tamales, they make Asparagus tamales seasonally and they are a must try!

7.    Favorite local product? 

PR: We have many favorite local products.  There are many makers out there that have perfected their craft and have some amazing stuff.   Owning a business of our own has really inspired the desire to keep things local to the PNW. Shop and support small!

Online store www.picoricodulce.com you can save 15% off orders of $10+ with code 4EVRGRNPNW, enjoy!