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Week 141 - VeGo Eatz

For the 141st week of "7 QUESTION SUNDAY" we shine the spotlight on another influential individual from the PNW. VeGo Eat is a food truck serving up vegan and vegetarian dishes that will make you question everything you know about plant based cuisine.

4EVRGRN: Hey, VGE! Tell us a little about yourselves.

VGE: Six years ago three best friends Brian, Matt & Marcus all decided to go plantbased from learning about Dr.Sebi and how alkaline foods cure and deter disease and cancer. We all stopped eating meat and adopted the Vegan lifestyle and found it very hard to go out to eat in the Tacoma area. At that time there were only 2 Vegan restaurants, so we all teamed up and created Vego_Eatz in 2019. Business was great until covid hit in 2020 so we had to shut down and go back to the drawing board. We were lucky to put ourselves in a position to upgrade our equipment and buy a new Trailer and Truck and recently just reopened 3 weeks ago. We will be going to a new city in pierce county every week but right now we are bouncing back from Fife, Puyallup and Ruston Way. We update our Vego family daily on our vending locations so please add us on social media. HEeeerrrreeeee VEEEeeGGGGOOOOOO!!!!!!

  1. What is your most popular menu item?

VGE: Our most popular item is and always has been our Vego Impossible Burger. We won 1st place at the Washington State Burger Competition 2019 as the only Vegan Competitors. Our Vego Sauce that goes on both sides of the bun really brings all the flavors together.

  1. What surprises people about your food who don’t eat vegan or vegetarian in their daily lives?

VGE: With all our items most people can’t tell its Vegan. Our seasoning, flavors, and texture resembles real meat products so everyone can enjoy it while saving the planet at the same time.

  1. Are you still doing the taco lime challenge? How did that get started?

VGE: Yes, we are still doing the taco lime bite challenge. The challenge is to eat a whole taco with a whole slice of lime in one bite and you get 3 free tacos. It started with a random customer in our first week who ate it on his own, so we ran with it! Big shout out to Danny, we owe him big time!

  1. Best part of food trucking in the PNW?

VGE: Best part is being your own boss and traveling and meeting awesome people all over the PNW.

  1. What is the vegan/vegetarian scene like here in the PNW?

VGE: The scene is great in Seattle, but Tacoma has limited options. The three owners Brian, Matt & Marcus became plant based together 6 years ago and found it hard to eat out so we created our own options for the south sound community.

  1. Favorite part of the PNW to explore on your time off?

VGE: During the spring and Summer definitely the great outdoors, anything next to water is great also.

  1. Favorite local product?

VGE: Field Roast hands down! We use their products on burgers and their hotdogs are amazing.

Find all of VeGo Eatz social media can be found @vego_eatz and the website is www.vegoeatz.com where you can find the location of the day!