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Week 146 - Taco Street

For the 146th week of "7 QUESTION SUNDAY" we shine the spotlight on another influential individual from the PNW. Elonka Perez is the owner of Taco Street, a popular taqueria serving Mexican street foods to Seattle and Tacoma, Chihuahua style.

4EVRGRN: Hey, PE! Tell us a little about yourselves.

EP: We started with the idea of bringing a little taste of home to the Pacific Northwest offering delicious street food in two locations around Puget Sound. Our passion for quality ingredients and friendly service has never wavered, we’re a family owned and operated business! It's not just about being a business but creating a community around a common area of interest, tasty food!

  1. What is your most popular menu item?

EP: Taco Street special- 4 tacos, rice, beans and a drink.

  1. What separates Chihuahua style food from other Mexican food locals are familiar with?

EP: We strive to recreate typical food found on the streets and homes of Chihuahua. Stewed beef, Al Pastor (flame cooked on a spit), the best cheese (Chihuahua is known for it). We do not take any short cuts and it's evident in our simple clean food.

  1. Aside from the most popular item, what is something you would encourage people new to Taco Street to try?

EP: California burrito is a very popular choice, but the Raja con queso taco is simply mind blowing. One of my favorites.

  1. How was the transition from a street cart to storefronts?

EP: We actually were a full-service restaurant before we added the cart.  We love being in front of our customers though.  So being at an event or center of attention with the cart is always enjoyable. 

  1. You guys did a great job getting through the pandemic while opening a new location, what was that like?

EP: The scariest thing I've ever done. Entrepreneurs but definition are risk takers. But this was a whole new level.  Ultimately, I believed in my product and knew people will always need to eat. So, I jumped in headfirst. It also helped that our new space has a walk-up window.  Just in case.

  1. Favorite part of serving food in the PNW?

EP: Sharing..... Sharing our love for the food and culture.  Food has and will always bring people together.  

  1. Best place in the PNW to visit?

EP: Um Taco Street of course. But if you've been there and looking for something new. 1st grab your food to go for the road trip and then head out to Osoyoos Lake and Veranda Beach. It's a white sand beach and is so warm and sunny.  Or Crescent Lake one of our favorites.

Place an online order at www.tacostreetfood.com and follow them online on IG and FB @tacostreetfood