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Week 149 - Avelon Ballroom



For the 149th week of "7 QUESTION SUNDAY" we shine the spotlight on another influential individual from the PNW. INTRODUCTION. Jordan Ford Armentrout is the owner of Avelon Ballroom a multipurpose event space in the Tacoma, WA 6th Avenue district.

4EVRGRN: Hey, JFA! Tell us a little about yourselves.

JFA: Hi, I’m Jordan, owner of the Avelon Ballroom in Tacoma. I grew up here and was part of the first graduating class of the Tacoma School of the Arts, then Seattle University 2008. We’re a newly restored venue for weddings, graduations, and anything you want to do. We are located on 6th Avenue near DOA and MSM Deli above ABC Back Clinic.

  1. How did you come up with the unique designs for Avelon Ballroom?

JFA: With the ballroom having this vintage vibe, I really wanted the logo and the dressing suites to speak to the history of the space. I worked with a friend of mine at Palette and Pine Design to help get the backstage dressing suite perfect. I wanted a speakeasy; art deco lounge style and I love how it turned out. The other dressing suite was to be light, airy and a cozy romantic feel. 

  1. What types of events can the Avelon Ballroom host?

JFA: Whatever you can think of! Most of our events we have hosted so far are weddings and parties! We do birthday parties, graduation parties, bridal and baby showers and dance events.

  1. What are features Avelon Ballroom offers to make events stress free?

JFA: Private parking on sixth Ave, tables and chairs are included in the price and a beautiful space that needs little to no decoration to make it look exceptional for your event.

  1. What should people know before booking an event?

JFA: As we are new, we still have some availability this summer and fall. Would recommend reserving your date with a deposit, we do get multiple inquiries on our busier days. 

  1. What makes PNW events special?

JFA: Tacoma is such a great community to be a part of.

  1. Favorite PNW activity to unwind?

JFA: Picnics in parks or walks on the waterfront with family and friends.

  1. Favorite local product?

JFA: Where to start? Incline Cider is fantastic. Love West Coast Design for great gift ideas from another SOTA alumni!

Booking and contact information at http://www.avelonballroom.com/

Follow @avelonballroom on IG and at https://www.facebook.com/avelonballroom!