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Week 150 - Lulu Lorayne


For the 150th week of "7 QUESTION SUNDAY" we shine the spotlight on another influential individual from the PNW. Lulu Lorayne is a pinup model, small business owner, vintage enthusiast “vintage style not values” from the Seattle area.

4EVRGRN: Hey, LL! Tell us a little about yourselves.

LL: Hello! My name is Lulu Lorayne and I’ve lived in the PNW most of my life. I love the Seattle area and I have a hard time imagining myself anywhere else. I was raised by my Grandparents, and I got my love of vintage fashion and classic horror films from them. I did in-home care for 12 years before opening my shop 2 years ago. It was a big change, but I feel like all the experiences I had as a caregiver have helped me so much with my business. I also do pinup modeling which has been such an amazing experience. I love working with photographers to come up with a unique idea and then seeing it come to life. I’ve been taking a break for the last few months but hope to get back to it soon. 

My husband is a firefighter and a tattoo artist. Our jobs keep us both really busy but we’re always doing everything we can to help each other out. Outside of work we love watching horror movies and taking road trips. We also have a 19-year-old cat that pretty much runs the show!  

  1. What is the vintage scene like in the PNW?

LL: We have a great vintage scene out here! No matter where I travel, I’m always happy to come home and look for vintage treasures in the area. It’s a very unique and friendly community. I’ve met some really amazing and supportive people since I started my business, I feel so lucky to be a part of it. 

  1. What is your favorite part of curating Lulu’s Kitsch?

LL: I love learning the history about where the pieces came from. I’ll spend hours researching an item to make sure I learn everything I can about it before I sell it. Mid-century items are so beautiful to me and the only reason we have any to enjoy is because someone cared enough to take good care of the pieces and then pass them along. I always treat everything I bring into my shop with the same respect, and I get so excited to see them go to a new home. 

  1. Best meal in the PNW?

LL: That’s a tough one! Going out to eat is my favorite thing to do. We have so many great places here. I love going to the 5 Point Cafe in Seattle for an early breakfast. The Unicorn, Little Tin, and El Chupacabra are a few of my other favorites. I could go on and on! My shop is north of Seattle and in that area one of my favorite places is The New Mexicans. It’s a family run restaurant and they have the most amazing southwest style food. I could eat the brisket all day! 

  1. What’s one vintage item you can’t leave home without?

LL: I have a few different pieces from my grandparents (jewelry, clothes, etc.) and I wear them as much as I can. I love being reminded of them as I’m out and about. But the one thing I wear every day is red lipstick. I know it’s not vintage, but it gives me the vintage vibe that I love. I even wear it under my mask! 

  1. Favorite place for a photoshoot in the PNW?

LL: There is a gorgeous property you can rent out for events called Runnymede Poulsbo that I love to shoot at. It’s so peaceful out there. One time I was so relaxed after a shoot that I fell asleep in a bunch of ferns. The owner is amazing and always goes above and beyond to make sure you have everything you need while you’re there.

  1. Favorite PNW activity?

LL: In the summer I love to spend as much time as I can on the beach. We have such gorgeous beaches here! Warm, sunny days on the beach in the PNW are unlike anything else. In the winter my husband and I love going to Snoqualmie Falls. We love staying at the lodge and doing all the Twin Peaks touristy things. We always have so much fun no matter how many times we go! 

  1. Favorite local product?

LL: My favorite place to go when I’m in the downtown Everett area is the Sno-Isle Co-op. I love being able to support local farms and artists, and everyone that works there is so nice. I always end up leaving happy and with a bunch of things I didn’t expect to buy. 

Lulul Lorayne’s socials https://www.instagram.com/lulu_lorayne/ and store at https://instagram.com/luluskitsch?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y= like on FB: https://www.facebook.com/lulu.lorayne