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Week 153 - Mouse the Painting Pig

For the 153rd week of "7 QUESTION SUNDAY" we shine the spotlight on another influential individual from the PNW. Mouse the Painting Pig…is a pig who paints. But if you check them out on Instagram @mousethepaintingpig you’ll see she’s got a whole brood and love their PNW adventures.

4EVRGRN: Hey, Mouse the Painting Pig! Tell us a little about yourselves.

Mouse is a 3-year-old Juliana/Kune-kune mix pig. She is fond of watermelon, pumpkins, people clapping and cheering for her, and of course painting. She's used to stealing the show wherever she goes and expects attention from everyone she meets. Fun fact: She smells like maple syrup! (Probably because she's just that sweet.)

How were Mouse’s artistic talents discovered?

She got into my child's finger-paints, and then we couldn't keep her away from it.

You guys have so many awesome animals, tell us about your bunch?

Oh goodness! We're a little crazy over here we have a few reptiles, including Pineapple the tortoise who joined us 12 years ago as a foster due to a dog bite. Then we have Achilles the giant (and active/annoying to Mouse) puppy, he's working on medical alert training currently. And the chickens, we have some awesome tiny serama chickens (the smallest chicken breed in the world) that are super friendly and have big personalities.

How does Mouse get along with her four and two legged siblings?

She thinks the puppy is the most annoying thing she's ever met. He brings her toys as friendship offerings, but she has yet to accept one.

She and Pineapple have been buddies since they were the same size as one another. They're often seen sharing a watermelon in the yard on summer days. If I had to guess, he’s, her favorite. As for her two-legged sibling, Morris named her and has helped every step along the way, they're best buddies.

What does Mouse do at her public appearances?

We usually do a few tricks, and always are happy to answer questions about pigs as pets. But her big claim to fame, is her love of creating paintings with her fans. Mouse will paint just about any surface someone holds for her, and she loves the gleeful sounds and praise.

Favorite place to paint?

Outside, it's less to clean up. Captain Little's in downtown Olympia is also a favorite though, she gets to see so many kids and she hates to leave at the end of the day.

 Favorite non-painting activity?

Eating. Mouse will eat just about anything, and she loves doing it.  Favorite meal in the PNW?

Mouse's is probably dandelions. Mine would have to be fresh chanterelle risotto on a fall evening after a day in the woods.