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Week 159 - Mermaid Museum

For the 159th week of "7 QUESTION SUNDAY" we shine the spotlight on another influential individual from the PNW. The Mermaid Museum, located in Aberdeen, WA, is the ideal destination for fin fans!

4EVRGRN: Hey, KR! Tell us a little about yourselves.

KR: Kim Roberts, along with her husband Blain and daughter Carrie, owns Westport Winery, Ocean's Daughter Distillery, and the award-winning Sea Glass Grill. They created the non-profit International Mermaid Museum which is located at Westport Winery Garden Resort. She and Blain previously owned Lahaina Divers on Maui. She has served on the Washington State Wine Commission as well as various local boards. Previously an architect, Roberts designed everything at the resort including the gardens, buildings, museum displays, labels, and the menu.

  1. What makes the Mermaid Museum a great place for families to visit?

KR: The International Mermaid Museum is fun for families because of the wide variety of affordable, educational, and entertaining components. There are over 40 displays dedicated to teaching ocean ecology from seashore to sea floor immersed in mermaid mythology uniting world oceanic cultures. From the "tail tub" where you can borrow a tail for photos on the mermaid throne, to mining for gemstones in the sluice box, there are plenty of hands' on opportunities. Inside the museum a "shipwreck" sets the scene for the imaginary underwater experience. Outside guests get to see a giant mermaid sculpture made from recycled metal and two other large mermaids made from plastic using a 3-D printer.

  1. What people expect from the Seashore to Sea Floor experience?

KR: Whether a person is already a mermaid enthusiast or someone along for the swim, they can expect to learn something new about the mysteries of the sea. The facts are broken into small bites, the images include beautiful underwater photography, the artifacts vary from a dive helmet used in the recovery after the attack on Pearl Harbor to a carousel piece from the Napoleon era to an anchor from a ship that wrecked on the Washington Coast in the 1700s.

  1. Most popular gift shop item?

KR: The gift shop is filled with all thing’s mermaid, a few things pirate and bigfoot, lots of delicious snacks, and for those over age 21 wine and spirit tasting. The plush marine life creatures and mermaid drinkware are the most popular selections along with apparel for all ages.

  1. Is there PNW specific mermaid lore?

KR: There are several stories that come from nearby shores. In 2012, the Animal Planet made a mockumentary called Mermaid: The Body Found. We say that the museum is home to the "Moclips Mermaid" as we explain the biology of razor clams and the definition of the word "hoax." The Alaskan Inuit mermaid Sedna's story is told. A sad and dark tale, her severed fingers become the creatures of the sea where she lives underwater with them.

  1. How did Westport Winery's wines and Ocean's Daughter Distillery spirits tasting come to the museum?

KR: Westport Winery was founded in 2008 by Blain and Kim Roberts. Part of their plan was to donate a portion of the proceeds from each wine to different local charities. When they created Ocean's Daughter Distillery, they made a similar financial commitment to the museum from their spirits. Both the winery and the museum boast dual tasting rooms where guests can sample either wine or spirits. Guests over age 21 can enjoy wine or cocktails while touring the museum or the winery's 10-acres of display gardens.

  1. Favorite lesser known PNW ocean fact?

KR: The wolf eel is not really an eel. It's a fish. More specifically it is monotypic, meaning it is the only fish of its type.

  1. How can people support you as a nonprofit?

KR: The best thing people can do to support the museum is to come for a visit! The museum is open daily from 11am to 6pm. Admission is $3 for those over age 5. Museum memberships include free unlimited visits and some fun swag. For those who want to become a permanent part of the project they can purchase a commemorative brick, block or bench. And finally, we encourage visitors to share their photos on Facebook and Instagram and support the museum with five stars on Google.

Learn more on the website at mermaidmuseum.org and swim along on IG @mermaid.museum