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Week 16 - Janelle Boyd

For the 16th week of "7 QUESTION SUNDAY" we shine the spotlight on Pacific Northwest native, mother and graphic designer, Janelle Boyd.

 4EVRGRN: Hey Janelle, tell us a little about yourself.

JB: I was born and raised in Renton, WA. I believe in empowering our youth, and let them know that they too can own businesses. I bring my daughter to trade shows, etc. to expose her to the business. 

1. What makes the PNW unique? PNW is unique because it's so laid back, yet so much opportunity! From our scenery, to the tech industry, and entrepreneurship, I feel that the PNW thrives! 
2. Where’s your favorite escape in the PNW? My favorite escape in the PNW, would be into nature during the summer. Whether it be a hiking trail, paddle boarding on a lake, etc. 
3. Best meal in the PNW? This is a hard one, I'm a foodie! Don't make me pick! However, I absolutely LOVE Toulouse Pettit Kitchen, over in Lower Queen Anne neighborhood. 
4. What’s the one thing anyone who visits must see or do? They MUST experience our hiking trails, and the beauty that PNW has to offer! 
5. What do you miss most when you’re outside the PNW? I miss the laid back vibe of the PNW! 
6. Favorite PNW activity? Chillin' with family!  
7. Best local product? Reign Creation, a Seattle born clothing line, check out my guy! @ReignCreation or www.reigncreationnclothing.com
If you or someone you know needs graphic design work. Visit Janelle at www.janelleboyddesign.com