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Week 161 - Double Dutch Divas

For the 161st week of "7 QUESTION SUNDAY" we shine the spotlight on another influential individual from the PNW. Angie Mosley is empowering people through double dutch while creating and enhancing the community.

4EVRGRN: Hey, AM! Tell us a little about yourselves.

AM: Hello, my name is Angie Mosley.  I am a 45yr strong, beautiful black woman! I am born and raised in Seattle, Washington. I have two wonderful son's 20yrs and 16yrs amazing, who keep me going. I am an educator for Seattle Public Schools as a Paraprofessional since 2011 as well as a Mentor for My Sister's Keeper since 2016. I love working out, drinking water, hanging with family & friends playing dominoes and teaching Double Dutch. I'm a people person, friendly, dedicated and motivated to see everyone happy. 

I am the founder of Double Dutch Divas LLC. I'm a mentor, educator, role model, inspirational speaker as well as a listener. My newest foundation is I am a Double Dutch Instructor / Coach. Super excited about that. I help promote greatness and happiness to the lives of others.  

Double Dutch Divas was established in May of 2021. Double Dutch Divas is an amazing origination that promotes health and wellness exclusively for anyone who is motivated and excited to be active in the community. The Nature of Double Dutch is beyond Just a sport. Double Dutch Divas is a program that benefits the community. We want to be committed to great fundamental values. We want to be an asset to our community. 

As a whole. Double Dutch is such a loved sport everyone wants to be a part of this greatness. Double Dutch Divas is an all people as well as an all-purpose program that helps motivate everyone. We want individuals to be able to be in a safe environment, enjoy meeting new people, bonding time and learn about health & fitness programs, environmental health issues, and more! We are looking to help others come out of their comfort zone, have less anxiety, build confidence, reach their set goals and be more comfortable within the community. Healthy Living, Healthy Willing. Everyone needs someone! In addition, double dutch teaches an invaluable lesson, there is no "I" in double dutch. To be successful in the rope, you must learn to work as a team and have confidence in your teammates. Teamwork makes the dream work. Come one, come all. We want to promote Unity in the Community. Thank you. Thank you and thank you kindly!

  1. Why is double dutch so good for empowerment and community building?

AM: Double Dutch Divas provides an exciting experience during our Double Dutch sessions.  Double Dutch is a wonderful way to gain energetic cardio. Double Dutch enhances speed, balance and patience. As long as you can jump, you can double dutch. Double Dutch allows you to be part of a team, accomplish goals, helps burn calories and provides a full body workout in a short amount of time. The most of all its super fun.

There are more benefits of double dutching, than just having fun, listening to music and jumping trying to see how long you can go without messing up. Double Dutch is a goal-oriented sport. Just like music therapy, there’s Double Dutch therapy.  During our Double Dutch Divas sessions, community partners gather around with the interest in learning something that they've never tried before or doing something that they haven't done in a long time.

Double Dutch brings unity into the community, happy people, great vibes, opportunity meet new faces, fun cardio, skill building, increases your bone density, and it also gives your brain a workout.  Healthy Willing is Healthy Living. Finding a rhythm while others are watching builds confidence and self-esteem. It's a momentary achievement that brings happiness within as well as the community that is watching. The ending result is the coaches are proud, the audience are super excited, and the participants are gaining a self-esteem boost and moments of joy.

  1. There are some awesome kids in the PNW, what do you love most about working with them?

AM: Double Dutch Divas consists of a team of coaches who have a passion with working with community members of all ages and stages.

As educators, mentors, mothers, recreational leaders, and coaches has always been natural positions for us. As far as my personal feedback given from the public, I am a people person and have been reminded that I have a special knack with working with kids as well as adults. I have a passion with bringing people together to work as one. Working with the kiddos reminds me of how amazing and exciting the world can be. Children learn from adults as well as adults can learn from students. Working with youth on all levels, encourages adults to use our imagination, brings us back to our childhood, brings us out of our comfort zone and helps us find new creative ways of doing things. Nothing strange with change. Our exuberant and outgoing personality brings a special experience to jumping with Double Dutch Divas. Having a fun personality helps build friendships and helps coaches relate with kids with anxiety, social emotional behaviors, depression, and isolation.

  1. Favorite place to jump in the PNW?

AM: Our favorite place to jump in the PNW is a beautiful and safe environment as well as in the presence of others who want to learn how to double dutch, instruct double dutch, love meeting new faces, enjoys fun cardio, enjoys listening to music and loves trying new things. Anywhere and everywhere. Having Double Dutch sessions on the Waterfront is where we first started our Double Dutch sessions. Stan Sayers Boat Launch on Lake Washington is where it all began.

  1. How has the community embraced Double Dutch Divas?

AM: The community has been wonderful to Double Dutch Divas from the start. We have been acknowledged as an enrichment program, the best business of the year, the most uplifting program ever, a program that creates health and wellness for families, and a program that promotes togetherness.  Double Dutch Divas has been recognized in the South Seattle Emerald, and as well as featured on the Tukwila Community Center website. The community has embraced Double Dutch Divas by requesting our services for their Day Camps, after school programs, birthday parties and pop-up events. People within the community have submitted positive reviews on Google with a total of 68 reviews and all reviews currently rated 5 stars. Lastly, community members have personally stated how Double Dutch Diva's services have enlightened undeserved communities. That's community love! 

  1. What skills does double dutch strengthen?

AM: Double Dutch Divas provides Double Dutch services to the public for healthy living.  Double Dutch enhances and strengthens the ability to collaborate and work as a team. Double Dutch also helps with anxiety, social emotional behaviors, and depression.  By providing these services to the public, it’s helping build leaders within the community because they see people who are representatives of themselves being successful. Double Dutch helps children develop coordination and strong motor skills, such as jumping, and promotes good sportsmanship, competition, teamwork, and healthy exercise.

  1. Favorite family friendly PNW activity?

AM: Double Dutch Divas has a record for hosting family and friendly pop ups at a variety of parks; for the community to attend for free. We provide light snacks. Water, Double Dutch services and other fun activities so the youth can have a multiple amount of fun. We promote the event on social media so we can have unity in the community in a fun and positive way.  

  1. Favorite local product?

AM: "Angie Mosley - CEO" My favorite local product is Turmeric shots and the Green Goddess drink from Emerald City smoothie with peanut butter and Lemmon added. It's super delicious and healthy.



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