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Week 186 - Erica Alfaro Designs

For the 186th week of "7 QUESTION SUNDAY" we shine the spotlight on another influential individual from the PNW. Erica Alfaro is the owner and operator of Erica Alfaro Designs, a stationary brand and surface pattern designer.

4EVRGRN: Hey, EA! Tell us a little about yourselves.

EA: Hola friends! My name is Erica and I’m the owner of Erica Alfaro Designs. I'm from Caldwell Idaho and started my business in 2020, yes during the pandemic! I design patterns for fabric but also have a line of stationery items such as greeting cards, notepads, stickers etc. I’m inspired by my Mexican culture and enjoy giving my illustrations a retro and vintage look. 

1) What has been your most popular design so far?

EA: I have a few but locally I would say my Idahomie design is one of my most popular designs. I did a pop-up last year for Cinco de Mayo and it was my top seller for both stickers and graphic tees. Siempre Chingona and Abuelas Mandil stickers have been top sellers as well from both my retail and wholesale customers across the country. Siempre Chingona refers to a woman who is "always a badass". At least that's my best way to describe it. Abuelas Mandil is an apron sticker. It is an apron style that is very commonly worn by mothers and grandmothers in Mexico. The memory of my grandma inspired me to create that sticker and lots of customers relate to it so much. I love that we can connect to something that means so much to us. And as far as greeting cards it would have to be my yellow Mother’s Day card. It has the same elements as my Siempre Chingona sticker and it's been a bestseller every year. In fact, I submitted it to the annual Louie Awards by The Greeting Card Association and was selected as a finalist! Winners will be announced on April 26th 2023…so wish me luck! 

2) What do you love most about designing?

EA: The creative freedom. I’m still new to navigating this business and I am exploring all the ways I can incorporate my culture while still staying relevant to current trends. I love that retro aesthetic look and also want to keep a pop culture vibe in my work as well. I'm excited to see how that continues to develop over time. At the end of the day there’s no wrong or right way... I’m just doing whatever makes me happy. 

3) What’s your favorite music to listen to while creating?

EA: Hmm… Well, it depends on my mood. I honestly can listen to most genres in both English and Spanish but lately it's been more Spanish. All kinds of too... regional, rock, reggaeton, pop, indie etc. Recently I discovered Rubytates, they are an alternative band from Mexico. Their music is super chill with a funky beat. I just noticed when I listen to them, I can really focus on whatever it is I’m working on.

4) Where can people buy your stuff?

EA: My current website has been under construction, but you can still visit my shop on Etsy. @EricaAlfaroDesigns. You can also follow me on Instagram. I try my best to mention which shops across the country are carrying my products. In Washington, specifically, you can find my products at Taco Street and Nepantla Cultural Arts Gallery.

5) Favorite outdoor activity?

EA: My husband and I are into disc golf. I actually hadn’t played since we were in college but at a family party, my compadre had some extra discs for us to use. We enjoyed it so much that we ended up buying our own discs. Made it our go-to activity all last summer. I’m ready for the weather to stop being so cold and rainy so we can get back into it.

6) Favorite local restaurant?

EA: Pupusas A&J’s. They are a Salvadorean restaurant located in Downtown Caldwell. Their pupusas are soo good! And in East Idaho, yall have to try Aguas Maria. My friend Maria makes the best aguas frescas. She recently opened up her location in Idaho Falls, so definitely stop by if you can! The strawberry horchata is my fav but she has soo many flavors to choose from!

7) What is something anyone who visits Idaho should do or see?

EA: The entire state if you can because every bit of it is beautiful! But I would recommend going to Craters of the Moon in Arco. Hear me out... I feel like it's truly an underrated destination... maybe because of the lava fields but I think it's definitely worth checking out at least once. The caves are the best part… they are soo cool!

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