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Week 194 - Cami Renee Brecto

For the 194th week of "7 QUESTION SUNDAY" we shine the spotlight on another influential individual from the PNW. Cami Renee Brecto is an artist, encourager of awesomeness, and all around great human being who wants to help people feel their best.

4EVRGRN: Hey, CB! Tell us a little about yourselves.

CB: Hi, I’m Cami, I empower and mobilize people to live their best lives. Through my own painful experiences and years of personal growth, I’ve learned to move forward when I’ve felt ineffective or trapped by my circumstances. I’m passionate about reaching healthy goals in all areas of life. We achieve balance in some seasons but most of the time we are shifting and growing. I’ll support you to make the most of opportunities and grow through disappointments.

  1. First, you do so much! What is your best tip for balance?

CB: My best tip? Don’t seek balance.  

Seek being your best you. 

Seek peace.

Seek health in all areas of life (but you may have to concentrate on one at a time.)

Create healthy habits

And Never stop growing.

I believe that we will be continuously frustrated if our focus is being balanced. Have you ever seen a scale where the weights are on one side and you put items on the other side to make them match the weight? That only works when there is one aspect of life you are working on. How many aspects of life do you work on? Balance- in that case- sounds like you’re working on perfection. It’s not reality.

  1. Change can be hard, how do you help clients with Innovate Coaching ?

CB: I love the phrase, “you can’t read the label when you’re inside the jar.” 

Change in life is inevitable.

There are so many types Changes…




Effectively “big” or small

and how we respond is based on our mindset:

Oh crap! I’m stuck!/i can handle what comes my way

I hate change! / how do I make it as smooth as possible?

Who do I need in my life to mentor me for best results?

Even good change can be hard!!! 

I love to help my clients realize their superpowers. Our experiences- good, bad and otherwise, our personalities, our paradigms and life-habits all play into how we navigate change.

I love to help my clients see the big picture and help them clarify their mission so they can navigate change confidently and make the best decisions they can.

I help people clarify their definition of success and love on purpose.

  1. You are also a health advocate! Can you tell us about Life Wave?
    CB: I want to help thousands of people become healthy in mind, body and spirit. It’s a lifelong purpose- study and mission of mine. Someday I’ll have a ranch where people can go for different retreats and therapies. I want to being medical professionals together for growth and learning from each other.

This is something that came my way this past year that I cannot stop talking about. It totally aligns with my efforts to learn about tools and natural methods to help the body heal.

Currently are 12 different patches- they all work on the same technology. They are non-transdermal. Just like we make “vitamin d” when we are in the sunlight. The photo receptors in our skin “sees” the reflected body heat in different wavelengths causing the body to make different peptides. There patches to help you burn fat, balance hormones, improve digestion, protect your body from EMF’s, increase your antioxidants, reduce oxidative stress, reduce inflammation. 

One of the most famous patches causes the body to make GHK Copper Peptide- and when that’s present - our body releases its own stem cells!

You can check out more science and information about these amazing phototherapy patches here: https://www.Lifewave.com/innovateyourlife

  1. How can people book a paint party with you?

CB: Email at camireneefineart@gmail.com

Or message me on Facebook

  1. How did you get into painting?

CB: My mom is very good at art and I wanted to be like my mom!

When she took painting lessons I wanted them too!

I took my first lessons at age 11 and LOVED it. I took as much art and painting as I could through school.

Painting became a refuge for me during really rough times in my life. It is a way I relax and give my brain a break. I love sharing this by teaching others how to paint too!

  1. Favorite place to unwind in the PNW?

CB: I love the Long Beach peninsula. My family has gone there for little vacations since my kids were little. Waikiki Beach is our favorite beach.

  1. What is something everyone who visits the PNW should see or do?

CB: Hmmm: Paradise on Mount Rainier on a clear day, Mount Saint Helens - the creation museum, Poulsbo is a favorite spot - it’s a sweet walkable town with Norwegian and Swedish roots.