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Week 23 - Kev

For the 23rd week of "7 QUESTION SUNDAY" we shine the spotlight on the big bossman, our Founder and Owner, Kev @akingalso . 

4EVRGRN: Hey Kev, tell us a little about yourself.

Kev:  I’m a husband, father, son, music artist/producer and the founding owner of 4EVRGRN. I was born in Alaska and raised here in the PNW. I love my region and where I’m from, I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else! I’m excited to see what changes we will see in our region over the next few years. I started 4EVRGRN to showcase the “Elevated Casual” lifestyle that has been a part of the PNW for as long as I can remember! I hope to see you all wearing 1 piece from 4EVRGRN soon in the future!

Here's how Kev answered our 7 questions...

  1. Best PNW childhood memory? It’s gotta be a toss up between sledding at Mount Baker and Lake days are Blodel Donovan during the summer.
  1. Favorite PNW season? It’s gotta be summer, especially being near, at or on the water. Always a good time, I haven’t floated the river in a long time! 
  1. Wildest PNW experience? Experiencing all 4 seasons in one day. It was snowing in Spokane, raining in Moses Lake, kind of Summery in Ellensburg and still November in Tacoma. Pretty neat actually.
  1. Best misconception you’ve heard about the PNW? That all it does is rain out here. That’s just not true, you can literally have every season in our region. 
  1. One thing you want the world to know about the PNW? We are very easy to get along with. We are more than Pikes Place, The Space Needle and the Mariners/Seahawks. We are also Mount Rainier, Commencement Bay, Alki Beach, Mount St. Helens, and the great outdoors.
  1. Favorite random PNW fact? Whatcom County has the cleanest air in the U.S.
  1. One thing every PNWer does that you refuse to do? I refuse to be a “Starbucks” person. It’s still f&$k Starbucks on mines since the Sonics have been moved.