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Week 28 - Titus Ismael Tate-Catalan


For the 28th week of "7 QUESTION SUNDAY" we shine the spotlight on another influential individual from the PNW. He's a Father, football coach, a real estate agent and part of the Elevated Customs team. This is Titus Ismael Tate-Catalan.

4EVRGRN: Hey Titus, tell us a little about yourself.

T: I've been a pillar in the community of Federal Way since 1997. I'm a father of 4 beautiful children and a mentor to many youngster as a football coach and mentor for at risk youth. I'm a real estate agent for the Elevated Home Team at Berkshire Hathaway in Federal Way. My driving force daily is to ELEVATE my mindset in all facets and be of service to my community. I'm passionate about my family, friends and career and believe in building a foundation for the youth that can't be broken. Leaders create more leaders and that's my intention every day I have the opportunity. 

1. Best PNW childhood memory? The best memory I have from my childhood would be the many days spent swimming Lake Washington at OO Denny Park, man it was some great times!

2. Favorite PNW season? My favorite season is for sure the PNW summers, there's just so much to do and nothing like ridin in the whip windows down on I-5.

3. Wildest PNW experience? The wildest PNW experience has to be Summer Jams at the Gorge. They were always nuts and off the hook. I have thousands of memories there.

 4. Best misconception you’ve heard about the PNW? Before i moved here in '91, people would say that it rained a lot. I still don't think it rains more than anywhere else however there are a lot of grey sky days.

 5. One thing you want the world to know about the PNW? Our music scene is pretty damn talented. It's crazy how diverse just the hip hop community is let alone other genres as well.

 6. Favorite random PNW fact? That we have a rain forest here!

7. One thing every PNWer does that you refuse to do? Purchase Birkenstocks or wear them with socks.

Thank you to Titus for sharing with us and being a part of elevating the lives of others through your works!