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Week 35 - Chrissy J

For the 35th week of "7 QUESTION SUNDAY" we shine the spotlight on another influential individual from the PNW. She’s Pacific Northwest born and raised in the Yakima Valley, She's a mother, a very talented recording artist, maker of jewelry and if you as Kev, the best cousin ever! Ladies and gentlemen, this is Chrissy J!

4EVRGRN: Hey Chrissy, tell us a little about yourself.

CJ: I’m from Central Washington, smack in the middle of the state, in Yakima. I’ve lived here most of my life though a child I split time between here and Michigan. I am mother to 3 wonderful young men and now that they are almost all on their ways to being independent, I am focusing on my passion for music and life!

Here's How Chrissy answered our 7 questions... 

1. Favorite PNW activity? If it’s nature oriented, definitely summer days at Lake Kachess (exit 62) and mermaid rock with my bestie, Niki. That lake has healing properties for the body and soul I’m telling you! Otherwise any day spent in downtown Seattle at the pier is like heaven for me no matter how many times I do it. 

2. Best local product? Oh my gosh! Yakima CHERRIES for sure. I live in Central Washington and it’s all agriculture here. Our cherries, apples, hops and wine are known worldwide. 

3. Favorite local artist (Music/Painter? Other than myself (haha)? Kev, Meagan Pena and Randal Wyatt and Allen Stone. Don’t ask me for one. I’m a Leo. I’m extra! Lol

4. Best PNW childhood memory? Visits to Spokane to see my Grandma Sepolen for sure. I still drive by her house when I’m there and remember amazing times with her and my sister, cousins and aunts.

5. Favorite PNW season? SUMMER!!!! 100 degrees in central Washington is my favorite!!!

6. Wildest PNW experience? Being stuck in Seattle airport for almost two days with my mom and sister due to a snow storm!!!

7. Best misconception you’ve heard about the PNW? That it always rains. Everyone thinks Seattle is the whole of the PNW and that just barely scratches the surface of this gorgeous area! The west side is lush and green. The central part is dry and desert but so much life in the agriculture. Eastern Washington gets an even mix of both. It’s so beautiful here. 

Want to know more about Chrissy J? Want to know more about her musical journey? Here’s how you can follow along: @chrissyjsings