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Week 42 - Kolbi Lloyd



For the 42nd week of "7 QUESTION SUNDAY" we shine the spotlight on another influential individual from the PNW. An Oregon native, graphic designer, photographer, explorer of the outdoors and small business owner. This is Kolbi Lloyd!

4EVRGRN: Hey Kolbi, tell us a little about yourself.

KL: I’m from Portland, OR. More specifically Aloha. It’s like the armpit of Beaverton. PNW born and raised! I'm into: traveling, photography, art & design, the ocean, animals, board sports, hiking, outdoor exploration, healthy living, and friendly people. :) I own an outdoorsy themed clothing line called Wayward & Wild. I’m a graphic designer and everything is designed by me and by BFF and screen printed out of our home in Beaverton. You can find us in the Made In Oregon Stores, US Outdoor, and Eye Clothing Co in the Vancouver, WA mall. :) We’re currently working on some new designs for spring, a new website, and *fingers crossed* an ambassador program.

Here's How Kolbi answered our 7 questions... 

1. Favorite PNW activity? Anything outside! Right now it’s snowboarding. Come summer it will be Hiking, Slacklining, Camping, Water Sports, etc. I REALLY want to try paragliding.

2. Best local product? There are SO MANY good local vendors. I’m so lucky to have had the pleasure of working quite a few events with a lot of them.

The first thing that came to mind was Wild Roots Raspberry Vodka. That stuff goes down wayyy too easy. It’s amazing.

3. Favorite local artist (Music/Painter? I’d have to say, Gianna Andrews is my favorite painter right now! Plus, she’s just an overall rad human and beautifully paints the landscapes that I so adore.

4. Best PNW childhood memory? Playing in the sand/ocean and climbing the giant sand dune at Cape Kiwanda on the coast. I also very vividly remember rolling down that same sand dune and digging sand out of my nose and ears for the next week.

5. Favorite PNW season? SUMMMMMMMER. Few things can beat a PNW Summer. 80F and Alpine Lakes? Yes please.

6. Wildest PNW experience? I snow camped at Crater Lake a few years ago.  It was so deep we had to snowshoe in and it got down to -15F. It ended up with 3 of us huddled together in a 2 person tent for warmth. It was so cold the condensation from our breath created a frozen layer of ice on the inside of the tent and whenever a clump of snow would fall off of a tree or the tent would be disturbed it would rain down that ice condensation back onto us. Needless to say we slept for maybe two hours the entire night but woke up to one of the prettiest sunrise’s I’ve ever seen coming over the crater’s rim.

7. Best misconception you’ve heard about the PNW? I had one person tell me they thought we were all cowboys and cowgirls since we’re part of the “Wild West” and the Oregon Trail. LOL. I thought that was a good one.


Wanna know more about Kolbi and her adventures? You can find her on Instagram @KolbiLloyd !