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Week 44 - Beccaria Monarch


For the 44th week of "7 QUESTION SUNDAY" we shine the spotlight on a burgeoning cannabis company from the PNW. This is Beccaria Monarch.

4EVRGRN: Hey BM, tell us a little about yourself.

BM: We are Cannabis influencers that are inspiring the innovation of cannabis through the products and services that are sold and consumed globally. Cannabis connoisseurs aimed at winning our first cannabis cup. 

Here's How Beccaria Monarch answered our 7 questions... 

1. What makes the pnw unique? The PNW has some of the world’s best strains hidden in the heart of the PNW. Strains LIke UW purple and Tundra. Also, PNW has one of the largest cannabis farms in the US. We are sincerely dedicated to winning a cannabis cup ourselves. Along the way we have decided to put out a unique collection of t-shirts and headwear. Making our company the next upcoming cannabis clothing brand in the PNW. 

2. Where is  your favorite escape in the PNW? At Beccaria Monarch we escape by hitting the gardens and summer fun. The best thing in the PNW is that Washington state has allowed the evolution of the cannabis industry. So, we take full advantage of the opportunity to grow and enjoy the summer season! 

3. Best meal in the PNW? Hands down! Island Soul is the best meal to spend your money on! Located in the southend of the Columbia City in Seattle this jamacian cuisine feeds your soul and best munchies food ever! Anyone touring the city should try all sides, gumbo, calypso wings, and shrimp grits.  

4. What is one thing anyone should do/visit? When visiting the PNW go take a cannabis tour! For 100 bucks you can go tour some of the cannabis factories and farms. Learn about how cannabis is grown and all of the byproducts made from cannabis. Promise you won’t regret the experience. Remember though you have to be 21 and up!

5. What do you miss most when you are outside the PNW? Definitely the freedom of cannabis in the PNW! In somes areas of America cannabis is still highly illegal and it feels stressful to have restrictions consuming cannabis. The freedom that PNW has on cannabis and it’s laws allow stress free consumption and the freedom to go into any recreational store and purchase without going to jail is always a plus!

6. Favorite PNW activity? PNW is best known for its trails and scenery. The best thing you can do in the PNW is go on a trail during the summertime and enjoy some views. Trails like RattleSnake Ridge and Poo Poo trail will provide the beginner hiker with a great workout and great views you can’t  find anywhere else, but in the PNW.

7. What is the wildest PNW experience? The wildest PNW experience is the cannabis scene. There are hundreds of cannabis retail shops located in the PNW. There are cannabis parties that can be found through seattle all the way down to Tacoma, WA.  Let's not forget about the Seattle Hempfest. One of the best cannabis events and wildest experience in PNW. What's not to love about the PNW?!


Wanna know more about Beccaria Monarch and what they are doing in the cannabis scene? You can find them on Instagram @beccaria_monarch!