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Week 55 - Kyle Peirson


For the 55th week of "7 QUESTION SUNDAY" we shine the spotlight on a Pacific Northwest photographer who is well versed in the many aspects of the craft. You really need to check out his work, he's super talented and we are excited to see his brand grow, this is Kyle Peirson!

4EVRGRN: Hey KP, tell us a little about yourself.

KP: Hi, my name is Kyle! I've been playing with a camera since I was a kid and it's led me to some amazing places & people. Fortunately I grew up in one of the best places in the world for beautiful images, the PNW! Specifically, Tacoma WA, where I now live with my wife. Whether it's photography (traditional or aerial) or videography, visual media has been my pursuit for half my life now.

Here's How Kyle answered our 7 questions...

1) What is the best part of photography in the PNW? Landscapes! Any environment you can think of is within a few hours drive, any direction. Mountains, (rain)forests, deserts, oceans to name a few.

2) Do you create other mediums of art? When I started taking photos, it was on film and I learned from the ground up in the darkroom. Transitioning to digital led me to experiment in piecing images and ideas together to create surrealist digital art through Photoshop. The last few years I've jumped into video production, and am also seeing a whole new perspective through drone photography

3) Best meal in the PNW? The one and only hot-dog-bar, "The Red Hot" in Tacoma WA! A dozen specialized 'dogs and triple that for beer options, yes please.

4) Favorite subject to photograph? People and live events. The excitement of capturing a unique, candid moment or expression can't be beat!

5) Best PNW product? My fav fruit, the Apple 

6)  Favorite PNW artist? There are a lot of amazing photographers exploring the PNW right now. From my town I really like @michaelweldonphoto and @larryabraham4949 for their urban aesthetics.
7) What’s the one thing anyone who visits must see or do? Find the water! Rivers & lakes, waterfalls, or a ferry ride across the Puget sound & through the islands. WA state in particular is integrally connected to the water.

Learn more about Kyle and his photography via his website  www.peirsonal.com