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Week 57 - Campfire Coffee


For the 57th week of "7 QUESTION SUNDAY" we shine the spotlight on a local coffee roaster/company ran by a husband and wife team who after 2 years have finally opened their doors! With a beautiful shop located at 1554 Market St. in downtown Tacoma. This is Campfire Coffee with owners Whitni and Quincy Henry.

4EVRGRN: Hey Campfire Coffee Co., tell us a little about yourself.

CC: We roast coffee over a campfire, the way people did it for hundreds maybe thousands of years before industrial roasters became a thing. This lost art of fire roasting is difficult to get down but the taste is so worth it. Just imagine a cozy coffee roast, sitting around the fire pit sharing laughs and memories. That’s Campfire Coffee.

We love camping and being with people we love. Our idea of a good time is being outside around a fire kickin’ back great food, great drinks with even greater company. We’re really excited about working with community organizations to get more families into nature. We believe coffee is an awesome tool to push this forward.

Here's how the folks at Campfire answered our 7 questions:

1. What makes the coffee scene in the PNW unique? The PNW has some of the best specialty coffee in the country if not the world. From award winning roasters, award winning baristas, to some of the best importers in the business, its all right here. The PNW is to coffee what LA is to movies and music.

2. Where’s your favorite escape in the PNW? Really anywhere in this region is amazing it just depends on what ya wanna do. We obviously love the campground scene and it doesn’t matter if we’re east of the mountains in Leavenworth or Chelan or in the cascades at Lake Easton or out in the ocean at cape disappointment or the Olympic national forest. What’s super dope for us is we live really close to Dash Point state park and even though it’s so close by we still love to camp there.

3. Best meal in the PNW? If a home cooked meal or a campfire cooked meal is off the table (no pun intended) it’s gotta be All my sons BBQ in the Midland area and Uncle Thurm’s in Lincoln District is the closest thing to authentic southern food and Little Radio in Downtown Tacoma has a GREAT menu. But you know what really can’t be rivaled is northwest seafood and The Crab Pot in Seattle is FANTASTIC for shellfish and other seafood offerings.

4. What’s the one thing anyone who visits must see or do? Again, it totally depends on what you’re into. But if I’m picking one thing to do I’m taking 7 days and we’re gonna do a lot lol.

1. start on the Washington coast with Olympic National forest and a stop at the Sol Duc hot springs, then; 2. head down and Camp at Cape Disappointment then;  3. Head back over to Mt. Rainier national park; 4. After that it’d be a day in Leavenworth and a little icicle river/lake Wenatchee action; For days 5. And 6. then back to Seattle for some Pike place/Seattle Center action and a ferry ride over to the San Juan’s for a couple days.

5. Wildest PNW experience? Living through the last big earthquake in 2000. I actually was driving on the freeway when it happened and when I pulled up to my high school everyone was outside. It felt like the road was going to throw me into the trees but I didn’t know it was an earthquake until just before pulling up to school.

6. Favorite PNW activity? Any outdoor rec. camping hiking boating are three of my faves. But I think I have a pretty cool job, I usually roast coffee and sip local brews while doing so!

7. Best local product? Man just picking one is hard but I gotta say nothing really beats our local seafood. The salmon is amazing. The Dungeness crab is to die for. The clams and mussels are great.

Learn more about Campfire Coffee Co. and their charity,  via Instagram @welovecampfire and their website https://www.welovecampfire.com/.