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Week 58 - Shelby Cheyanne

For the 58th week of "7 QUESTION SUNDAY" we shine the spotlight on an individual who loves to travel and wants to show you the world! This is Shelby Cheslek!

4EVRGRN: Hey SC, tell us a little about yourself.

SC:I was born in Colorado but grew up in Pullman, WA and graduated from Gonzaga University where played basketball. Aside from playing profession basketball overseas I also model and sing on top of creating content for my YouTube channel. It’s been such an honor to be the inaugural 4EVRGRN partnered athlete, I’m happy to be taking a piece of the PNW with me wherever I go! I have played all over from Italy to Greece and Spain, and many other places, this season I am returning to Istanbul, Turkey for my 5th professional season. And yes, I’m really 6’ 5”!

What’s your favorite part of playing overseas?

My favorite part about playing overseas is experiencing the country’s culture. I love exploring my city and trying to visit as much of the country as I can.

What do you miss from the PNW?

What I miss the most about the PNW is the beautiful pine tree covered mountains and being able to hike through them

How do women’s sport get received abroad versus at home in the United States?

Overseas, woman's sports are respected more than in the US. I see a lot of negative comments on the WNBA, saying they are bad or boring. In Europe you do not hear this. 

What’s the hardest part of traveling for you?

The hardest part about traveling for me is trying to pack my life in 2 bags and a carry on! I’m usually gone from home for about 11 months straight, so packing is tough!

How do you balance modeling and basketball?

Balancing modeling and basketball is all about scheduling and being organized. I have to make sure I’m up early enough to get my workout in before a shoot. In Europe it is tougher because I have games and practice to work around

Will you still be working on your YouTube channel or is that just for the off season?

I will be doing more on my YouTube channel when I’m in Europe! It will contain videos of practice/workouts, traveling, singing, and tall videos ️

What’s the most important skill to develop in basketball?

The most important skill to develop in basketball... I would say it is so important to be versatile. You need to be able to handle the ball at any size, and be able to shoot outside shots. Those are two skills that every player at every position should have. 

What attributes do you look for in teammates?

Attributes I look for in teammates are: unselfish, smart, can play a fast pace game, and is positive on the floor and off. It is difficult to play with people who are selfish or who have a poor attitude.

Why ball overseas, you have plenty of other talents you showcase on your socials?

I love playing basketball, and it is something that has a bit of a time restraint. I only have a few more years to play overseas (as long as I stay healthy) and so I have chosen to dive fully in! It’s been amazing playing in different countries and traveling the world

What’s your favorite 4Evrgrn item?

I would have to say my favorite 4evrgrn item is the green cropped hoodie! It’s so comfy and I love how it fits me. I can wear it with my 4evrgrn tights or I can dress it up and wear it with jeans and heeled booties.

How much do you get to travel during the season?

How much I get to travel varies per team. Some teams have given me a week off for Christmas while others have given me 3 days. Depending on our breaks and how much of a heads up we get about them determines how much traveling I get to doBut I am pretty active and will go to near by cities on my days off.

Where is your favorite place to play?

So far my favorite place to play has been Spain. It is a high level there and the teams are very professional. My favorite place I have lived is Athens though🤍

Do you still sing and model while overseas?

I do still sing and model while I’m overseas. I will be doing more videos this season. Modeling is a bit tougher as most of the shoots take place in Italy. If it works timing wise with my team, then I can go.

What PNW product do you always have with you?

Currently I always have my 4evrgrn face mask and a cropped hoody! Although I do looove the leggings - because they have pockets and are made of great comfy material!

We wish Shelby the very best in her new season! You can find her on IG where her handle is: @shlebycheyanne