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Week 71 - Charlene Caldejon

For the 71st week of “7 Question Sunday” we shine the spotlight on another influential individual from the PNW! This week we introduce you to Char, a powerlifter turned body building who is hitting the stage for the first time at the Idaho Cup 2020.

4EVRGRN: Hey Char! Tell us about yourself.

CC: Hi everyone, I’m Char! I have been working towards getting healthier for many years now and want to inspire others to live their healthiest lives. In my spare time I love binge watching superhero TV shows and just relaxing. I previously was a record holding powerlifting athlete but am now switching to compete in bodybuilding and am excited for my first show.

3) What is the PNW bodybuilding scene like?

CC: So far, everyone I’ve met has been nothing but supportive and encouraging! It just makes me want to succeed more than anything! 

2) Can you tell us about your journey to the stage?

CC: As many of you know, I first fell in love with powerlifting. After breaking the squat and deadlift state record a few times and placing 55th in the nation after my first USAPL powerlifting meet. I wanted to work on a lot of my mobility issues afterwards. So, I decided to take a major break from lifting triple my body weight, and work on getting everything in sync with each other. I was already dabbling in. Bodybuilding poses for my check in photos just to make them look better for my coach. But, the more I started seeing change, the more I knew I wanted to step on stage. 

3) Best meal in the PNW?

CC: Um, that’s a little hard for me to narrow down right now since I’m 2 weeks out to my first competition and literally want EVERYTHING! Lol! I know I’ll be enjoying a lot of thick stuffed cookies post show though!

4)Favorite PNW activity?

CC: Exploring Pike Place Market like a tourist and making my way out to the Pier to enjoy one of the many views the city has to offer. 

5) What's one thing every PNWer does that you refuse to do?

CC: Be a bad driver. 🤣

6) Wildest PNW experience?

CC: Just about every hiking trip I have been on has been breathe taken. That’s about as wild as I get! Lol!

7) Favorite place to escape in the PNW?

CC: Leavenworth, WA

Be sure to follow Char’s amazing journey on Instagram @charbear1213 and join her fitness class Wednesday Mornings, send her a DM for more info!