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Week 82 - Cherry Dollface

For the 82nd week of "7 QUESTION SUNDAY," we shine the spotlight on another influential individual from the PNW. Meet Cherry Dollface, who is bringing vintage styles to the modern world and helping other women achieve their dream aesthetic.

4EVRGRN: Hey, CD! Tell us a little about yourself.
CD: I am a licensed esthetician, permanent makeup artist, and vintage hair and makeup guru. I have traveled the world for almost two decades sharing my vintage knowledge and making women in all countries look and feel their vintage best. I grew up in Portland but left 12 years ago to relocate my life and career to Los Angeles— but I will always be a PNW girl at heart!

1. What’s you’re favorite part of all that you do?
CD: Meeting people and traveling the world! I love the feeling I get when I hand my client a mirror after I am doing working on their makeup or skin and they gasp and just can't believe the magic they are seeing. It’s indescribable.

2. Favorite PNW artist?
CD: Murder City Devils!

3. Is there anything people in the PNW do you refuse to?
CD: Wear Teva sandals. And I refuse to not carry an umbrella. If it is raining, I need protection!

4. Wildest PNW experience?
CD: Childhood! So many camping trips and rafting trips and skiing adventures. The PNW was such a wild, beautiful place to grow up.

5. Best memory of growing up in the PNW?
CD: Ha! I guess I kind of just answered this. But I loved growing up in a smaller city where everyone knew everyone and we all took care of each other. Subculture is really magical in small cities where there are not really clear divisions between each little group… we were all just weirdos together!

6. Best meal in the PNW?
CD: So many places that aren’t open anymore!! I miss Rocco’s Pizza with all of my heart. These slices were bigger than my torso!

7. What do you miss most now that you live outside the PNW?
CD: Powell's Books! Hands down. I still have dreams about wandering those aisles. I go back every time I visit Portland.

You can get more of Cherry Dollface on her YouTube channel youtube.com/thecherrydollface and on Instagram @thecherrydollface