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Week 85 - Frelard Tamales

For the 85th week of "7 QUESTION SUNDAY" we shine the spotlight on another influential individual from the PNW. Frelard Tamales is a creation of love bringing tamales to the front of the PNW food scene.

4EVRGRN: Hey, FT! Tell us a little about yourselves.

FT: We are two guys who are passionate about cooking and creating authentic and handmade tamales. Our family works hard to refine our recipe and we are always working to make our food taste better by using high-quality ingredients. Our recipe comes from Osbaldo's family who is from Puerto Vallarta in the west coast of Mexico. The recipe has been passed down from generation to generation and it has now been passed to us to continue our Mexican tradition of making handmade tamales from scratch. Frelard comes from a combination of (Fre)mont and Bal(lard) since that is where we live and started our small business. It is an ironic name as we are currently located in the Green Lake neighborhood of Seattle. We are not afraid of making their beliefs and political values known. As a proud interracial gay couple, they often support local causes especially around the issues of immigrant and LGBTQ rights. 

1) What’s the first thing new customers should try from your menu?

FT: Definitely one of our tamales: the chicken is the most popular meat option and the fajita veggie is our most popular veggie option. We just recently added a queso fundido and it's quickly becoming a customer favorite.

2) How has the PNW embraced tamales?

FT: The PNW has embraced tamales the same way corn husks embrace the masa of our tamales, tight and close to the heart. We have been embraced by our neighbors and the community and for that we are grateful. There are a few tamalerias in the PNW but we are quickly becoming a staple food here.

3) What’s your favorite meal in the PNW?

FT: Both my husband and I love thai food but also love the delicious vegan food options across the region.

4) What is your most popular tamal?

FT: Our most popular is our salsa verde chicken.

5) Why did you decide to include vegan and vegetarian options?

FT: We include vegetarian and vegan options because we want to show our customers that Mexican plant-based food is also really good and that if you look at native Mexican food from the Aztec times, a lot of the cuisine was plant-based up until the Spanish arrived. We also strive to eat a plant-based diet but once in a while, we do enjoy some fried chicken. 

6) What makes PNW foodies unique?

FT: PNW foodies are willing to try it all and don't just stick to one thing: they are always hungry to discover something new. 

7) Most popular tamales topping?

FT: Our pickled carrots and onions are definitely the most popular followed by the crema.

Next time your in Seattle, or if you’re there and hungry, be sure to swing into Frelard Tamales and let them know you read their 7 Question Sunday! Get your mouth watering with their IG @frelardtamales and place your orders at www.frelardtamales.com