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Week 89 - All Purpose Cake Co.

For the 89TH week of "7 QUESTION SUNDAY" we shine the spotlight on another influential individual from the PNW. All Purpose Cake Co is an alternative bakery specializing in gluten free, refined sugar free, and dairy free cakes. Our own marketing manager Liz is a big fan!

4EVRGRN: Hey, APCC! Tell us a little about yourself.

APCC: We are a small batch cake company with a mission to bring our “inclusive cakes” to those with allergens and foodies a like. Our cakes are gluten free, dairy free, refined sugar free, diabetes friendly, celiacs safe, and keto friendly. Our cakes are unique, they are layers of meringues, not sponge and inherently flour free. They are made in Washington but we ship nation wide!

1. How does the PNW influence your cake flavors?

APCC: I love using ingredients and flavors that is indigenous to the PNW and also speak to the culture of the region. For example, our HUG (espresso hazelnut-Cocoa), our top selling cake When developing this recipe, I wanted to make sure it has the strong butter punch of espresso as for any coffee lover there is no denying this is an espresso cake, not mocha.  This is true to how we use Washington based Holmquist hazelnuts widely in our cakes as well. Compared to other hazelnuts we’ve tried, Holmquist hazelnut is definitively robust & decadent.

2. What inspired you to create alternatives to standard cakes?

APCC: My own experience having to undergo a 6mo food elimination diet to determine triggers for my chronic migraines. Only then, did I realize the limitations of selection and products to those with allergies and/or dietary restrictions. I am not celiac nor follow a strict gluten free diet. This allows me to sample non-gluten free, dairy free, sugar free products then figure out how to create them with our cakes and still taste just as good as the standard bake products.

3. How has the PNW embraced your cakes?

APCC: The feedback on our cakes have been heartwarming and validated to us that we are filling a gap in the market not served to those with multiple dietary restrictions. We celebrated our first year in business last Feb with 12 retail partner locations and nationwide shipping.

4. Favorite PNW meal?

APCC: Seafood & salmon, of course!

5. Craziest cake flavor combo you’ve made?

APCC: Recreating Momofuko Milk Bar cinnamon cereal milk cake in our cake as gluten, dairy & refined sugar free and waaaaaay less calories! We also did the layers in red & blue like Wonder Woman. It was so much fun! We’ll be doing more cereal cakes in future

6. Baking can take a lot out of you, where’s your favorite PNW escape to unwind?

APCC: I love the water, I am a true West Coast girl growing up near the beaches of Vancouver, BC. I am thankful to live 10mins to Lake Washington. Summer days by the water.

7. There’s has to be a story, what’s your wildest PNW cake delivery experience?

APCC: Last July, while delivering cakes to Eat Local Queen Anne, Capitol Hill and Mercer Island, I burst one of my tires. It was a hot afternoon and I was worried about our cakes melting. I called an Uber and explained the situation to the Driver and he was so kind to deliver our cakes to all 3 locations as long as someone came out to his car to collect them. He was our Angel that day :-)

We know you’re going to want to try these so follow on IG @allpurposecakeco and order online https://www.allpurposecakeco.com/