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Week 91 - Sugar + Spoon

For the 91st week of "7 QUESTION SUNDAY" we shine the spotlight on another influential individual from the PNW. Sugar+Spoon is a popular IG tag with their fun, vibrant edible cookie dough.

4EVRGRN: Hey, SS! Tell us a little about yourselves.

SS: From a classroom project at the University of Washington to the streets of Seattle, we are now thrilled to bring our delicious dough to the entire nation!

1) What’s the first thing a new visitor should try from your menu?

SS: The first thing a new visitor should try when visiting Sugar + Spoon is our Signature! It is our most popular combination. It starts with a scoop of our favorite cookie dough, placed into a waffle cone. It is finished off with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top and hand garnished with extra toppings!

2) What’s more popular at your location and food truck, cookie dough in a cone or cup?

SS: People love eating their cookie dough out of a cone! It tastes great, and is perfect for the gram.

3) How has the PNW embraced edible cookie dough?

SS: Our product brings and experience! We all have that memory of making cookie dough with your mom, sneaking a lick off the spatula...it brings back good feelings! A yummy taste! 

4) Favorite local product?

SS: You cannot beat our Party Animal Flavor. This one is inspired by Mother's Circus Cookies! Sugar cookie base, dyed pink with rainbow sprinkles and frosted circus cookies! All types of nostalgia here. 

5) You ship nationwide so we have to ask, what do you miss when you’re outside the PNW?

SS: We pivoted our business and began providing nationwide shipping to all 50 states when covid put a halt to our physical business. It has been so fun seeing our product enjoyed all over the country! When away from the PNW, I miss that perfect blend of city and nature that is so unique to our area!

6) Best meal in the PNW?

SS: This is by far the most difficult question you've asked. I am going to shout out some Food Truck Eats here! Layers Sandwich Co., Sunny Up, Theo's Gyros, Oskars Pizza....I'm hungry!

7) Wildest PNW experience?

SS: Sailing the San Juans. I felt like I was walking on untouched land. 

Visit Sugar+Spoon at their location in the University District of Seattle or find a truck even on their website https://sugarspoondough.com Most importantly don’t forget to tag @sugarspoondough on IG!