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Week 96 - Funk Daddy

For the 97th week of "7 QUESTION SUNDAY" we shine the spotlight on another influential individual from the PNW. Gregory Burne known professionally as Funk Daddy. Funk Daddy is a DJ and Producer who has worked with some of the biggest names in music in the PNW and nationally.

4EVRGRN: Hey, FD! Tell us a little about yourselves.

FD: Hey, I’m a DJ and music producer in Seattle. You might have heard my music on Sir Mixalot 'Seminar', E-40 'In A Major Way', and E-40 'Element of Surprise'. I’ve appeared on movie soundtracks and always represent the northwest.

1. What do you miss when you’re outside the PNW?

FD: When I'm outside the Northwest I miss my family. I also miss the green from our state (trees, grass, you look around and it's green everywhere). Lastly, sometimes I miss the rain.

2. How has the PNW music landscape changed since you first started?

FD: Well, I'm so old it's changed a few times haha. When I was in high school thru college, music was mainly east coast with a lot of sampling, dancing and scratching. Then it went the direction of west coast with more emphasis on the streets, gang life, drug life, etc. Down south and bay area became popular as well. It's kind of a mixture of all that now.

3. First thing you do when you come back to the PNW after a tour?

FD: Get home, be with my family, and work on music. When you're away from home, you tend to come up with a lot of new dope ideas (and sometimes horrible ones).

4. Favorite place to play music in the PNW?

FD: There are too many to name and they all are fun (for different reasons). For instance, Club Fuego in Everett was small in size but the system was super loud and the crowd danced to everything you played. DJ’s love that of course.

5. What is a unique trait of PNW music lovers?

FD: I can’t pick a particular trait unless it’s the fact that a lot of the people I’ve been around don’t just like one genre of music. I have a street friend from Memphis who you would think probably likes hood music but he listens to dub step. I have had co-workers tell me to check out some hood rappers That weren’t even on my radar. I have a friend who listens to Kevin Gates and other hood legends but also hipped me to listen to Isaac Jacuzzi (local r&b singer/rapper who’s blowing up). The music taste here is all over the place, and that’s cool.

6. Best meal in the PNW?

FD: There are a few South End spots that I used to love. Maya's, Tino's pizza (both off of Rainier Ave.) Both no longer around. I’ve also always been (and always will be) a fan of Dick’s burgers and fries.

7. Best PNW show you’ve ever been to?

FD: I would have to say Fresh Prince and Jazzy Jeff. Their performance was so flawless, they had Ready Rock C beat boxing doing everything sound possible, Fresh prince did all of his famous songs and Jazzy Jeff had a DJ break that was just unheard of at the time. They all also had dance routines together to hype up the crowd. They really put effort into their performance and it showed. I’ve also seen some good performances by Sir Mixalot, N.W.A. Public Enemy, Whodini and Kid Capri.

You can find all of Funk Daddy’s links and music at linktr.ee/funkdaddyofficial